kestrel design
  Medical Slide Staining System
Automated cellular diagnostic system for medical slide preparation.
  Shock Resistant Removable Hard Drive
Removable data storage device for a rapid transit "black box" data recording system.
  Thermal Printer Mechanism
Modular printer mechanism for high speed bar-code and label printing.
  Automated Litterbox
Cartridge-based automated cat litter box. High-volume consumer product.
  Security System Interface Module
Family of industrial PC interface devices for video surveillance and site alarm system integration.
  Disposable Retinal Surgical Scissors
Single-use Micro scissors for vitreoretinal surgery.
  Rapid Prototyping System
Laser sintering machine for rapid prototype fabrication of 3D CAD models from powder-based thermoplastics.
  Robotic Wrist
Three-degree-of-freedom cable-driven robotic wrist for Whole Arm Manipulation.
  Tape Rule
Proof-of-concept prototype and winding station for a reduced-form-factor tape rule.
  Aircraft Flight Display
Display unit for primary flight control in advanced aircraft.